Sunday, October 2, 2011

Is Jesus (Aka: God) a Liberal or Conservative?

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If Jesus were alive today (and some would argue that he is) how would he vote? Would he vote like a liberal or conservative? Would he belong to the tea party? Perhaps Jesus would be a libertarian, a fascist, or a socialist. Definitely not a communist, since communists don't believe in his daddy. Notwithstanding communists' lack of belief, would Jesus have anything in common with them? Perhaps Jesus would just be a mush-ball middle-of-the-road moderate. Assuming He is a real person living today, is Jesus really against gay marriage and abortions? Is He for free speech and tax cuts? What is His take on deficit spending, illegal aliens, gun control, universal healthcare, the death penalty, NAFTA and other important issues of our time? Join author G.M. Jackson as he reveals the political leanings of one of history's most influential religious icons: Jesus Christ.